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Discover Scapetune's state of the art, HDD product solutions

"In collaboration with G-Technology"

Our restless team of brilliant developers and multi-skilled programmers in collaboration with our innovating group of audio artists and sound engineers, brings you varient and modern HDD package solutions, covering every possible requirements of any project scale.

From plug-and-play, portable hard drive products for individual producers and studios, to IP-ready, NAS systems for global entertainment corporations and leading media networks.

Scapetune is offering you exactly what you need, having always been guided by your own particular needs and requirements.

Every hard disk package contains the following features:

HDD application
Our cutting-edge technology app allows you to browse, search, filter, preview and import quickly and effectively any data fragment of our music and SFX catalogue, all into one of the most contemporary, elegant, and perfectly designed graphic environments you have ever seen.

Save precious working time and find instantly and precisely what you're looking for via our carefully filtered keyword database, which consists of one of our most powerful app features.
DAW Plugin
By choosing Scapetune's DAW plugin, you possess a sophisticated tool that gives you the privilege to enjoy an incomparable stability and speed of workflow.

Compatible with the 2 dominant operating systems (Windows & MacOS) our professional tool synchronizes with our hard disk database and facilitates any audio material searching and importing process, eliminating unnecessary CPU load.
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